वैज्ञानिकों ने बताया कि कुत्ते देते ऐसे संकेत, मालिकों को समझने की कोशिश करनी चाहिए

The hobby of raising animals is increasing among the people. Especially the dog is such an animal, which people all over the world want to have. It is the most loyal and people also like to keep it. However, shocking incidents about dogs have come to the fore in India these days. Especially, in Delhi-NCR, many such cases were reported, in which pet dogs bitten children or elders. The UP government has made such rules that if a dog bites someone, its owner will be responsible for it.

However, experts are also taking responsibility for their upbringing and living. By the way, there are some special things about dogs, on which those who keep them should pay attention. Dogs try to tell their troubles in advance through certain signals, which need to be understood by their owner. Dogs convey this emotionally. They say a lot by barking, growling, it just needs to be understood at the right time.

Experts say that dogs try to convey their words to the owner through about one and a half dozen expressions. These include rolling on the ground, standing on the toes, raising the front legs, displaying gestures through the mouth, etc. Sometimes they are in some particular trouble and want attention from the owner. They also give a signal for this, but if the owner does not understand that signal, then they get irritated and sometimes it increases. Sometimes they remove this annoyance by cutting the owner or by cutting someone else outside.

According to experts, the scientists of Salford University gave an attempt to solve the mystery of the language of dogs. The research team did this test on about three dozen dogs. In this, he made some documentary films of the daily living of these dogs with their owners. Later that film tape was tested, in which many surprising things were also revealed. They do different types of activities to feel hungry, tired, physical problem or attention, which the owner must understand. If you own a dog, this is very important to know.


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